Innovation and expertise in winemaking | TOP5

Innovation and expertise in winemaking | TOP5

In addition to the popular French and Italian wine regions, Eastern European wines are increasingly gaining ground and prestige on the world market. Thanks to the remarkable work of our region’s winemakers and the unique flavors of their products, these wines will undoubtedly become the center of attention, and a pleasant company at anyone’s table.  Let’s taste the best wines of Eastern Europe!

Kristinus | Hungary

After having spent years in the German gastronomy scene and the Munich catering industry, CEO and winemaker of Kristinus wine estate Florian Zaruba found his true passion on the southern shore of Lake Balaton. The estate’s main goal is to use the land borrowed from nature with as little ecological footprint as possible.

Stakhovsky Wines | Ukraine

In recent years, Ukrainian tennis star Sergiy Stakhovsky picked Transcarpathia over his tennis racket and Wimbledon to make quality wine in a promising, but unknown region. In 2015, he cultivated 20 hectares of land near Muzhievo, Ukraine’s largest wine region, where he planted his first grapevines, and in 2018 he began to age his harvest in French oak barrels.

Cramele Recaș | Romania

Founded in 1998, the winery is Romania’s largest wine producer and the UK’s largest exporter. The most enthusiastic members of the team, which has been produced fully vegan wines since 2018, are winemakers Hartley Smithers and Nora Iriarte, who were selected among the top 100 international winemakers by the British publication The Drinks Business.

Kozlović Winery | Croatia

Vale is a valley in the northwest of Istria, bordering Italy and Slovenia, and home to the Kozlović family since 1904. All four generations share a common goal: to preserve indigenous Istrian varieties honoring the region and heritage. Their new cellar has been designed with ecological principles, sustainability, and innovative wine technology in mind.

“One of the guiding principles of our family is the passion for knowledge and progress.”

Karpatská Perla | Slovakia

Since 1991, the winery, founded in the Little Carpathians, has been a harmony of nature and honest production, and above all, a fruitful combination of family and tradition. The Carpathian pearl’s special feature is the illustrations by Slovak artists and graphic designers on each bottle, allowing the artist and the winemaker to create value together.

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