Luxurious boutique hotels in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Luxurious boutique hotels in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

City center location, excellent cuisine, personal, unique atmosphere and exciting interiors: small boutique hotels pay special attention to the needs of guests. In our selection today, we selected our favorites from Eastern Europe.

Hotel San Giorgio | Vis, Croatia

The island of Vis is well worth a visit for its picturesque vineyards, Roman ruins, sandy beach and deep blue sea. The most charming accommodation on the island, Hotel San Giorgio is in the historic center of the city, not far from the beach. The hotel is surrounded by a lush green garden full of orange trees and palm trees, and the cozy, spacious suites have beautiful views of the bay and old town from their windows and balconies. The restaurant’s menu features delicious dishes inspired by traditional cuisine, seafood ingredients, wild herbs and local olives and wine.

Dominic Smart & Luxury Suites – Parliament | Belgrade, Serbia

Authentic city atmosphere and luxury suite in a secret hotel in the center of Belgrade: in the trading house next to the parliament, seven eclectic suites with wonderful city views and lots of extra services were created. The wishes of the guests are monitored by a personal assistant, who at any time helps us to get to know the cream of the Serbian capital through the best programs and attractions.

Romantic Hotel U Raka | Prague, Czech Republic

Behind Prague Castle, nestled between the medieval streets of the Old Town, the six-room wooden house of Hotel U Raka has retained its eighteenth-century rustic atmosphere. A charming rock garden, traditional cuisine, local specialties and family hospitality welcome guests in a quiet area yet in the heart of the city center.

Tiszavirág | Szeged, Hungary

The Tiszavirág in Szeged is housed in a beautiful romantic house with a cityscape significance in the heart of the old town. Designed and conscious in every detail, this twelve-room hotel offers a special yet relaxed and cozy environment. You can start the day with your own roasted coffee and a rich breakfast in the café on the site of the late hat salon, while in the Tiszavirág Spa you will find a Finnish sauna, a steam cabin, a tepidarium and a sea climate to help you recharge your body and mind.

H15 Boutique | Warsaw, Poland

The 5-star H15 Boutique hotel is housed in an impressive historic building in the center of Warsaw. The building, built in the nineteenth century, was taken over by the Soviets in 1924, when Art Nouveau decoration was replaced by the red star, sickle and hammer, and the building became one of the first examples of socialist realism. Soviet symbols can still be discovered in the hotel to this day. It offers stylish rooms, a fitness room, massages, and international dishes from the Signature Restaurant, recommended by the Michelin Guide.

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