Natural beauty from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Natural beauty from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

In today’s fast-paced world, we’re increasingly looking for natural solutions: it’s no different with skincare. This time, we have collected a bouquet of cosmetic brands from Eastern Europe that believe that the secret to truly radiant and healthy skin lies in carefully selected, high-quality, natural ingredients.

Make Me Bio. | Poland

The founders of the brand, Ania and Bartek, have always believed that natural skincare is not just a passing fashion craze, but rather a way of thinking about our body and health. With the founding of Make Me Bio, their goal was to create high quality products accessible to everyone. Their cosmetics are completely natural, based on extracts from controlled organic plants and cold-pressed, unrefined oils.

Butters | Slovenia

Butters is about discovering the treasures of nature, which are poured with love and care into the form of a product. They use only organic, natural and vegan ingredients for their cosmetics. Founded in 2013, the brand initially made nourishing body butters mainly from shea, cocoa and cupuacu butter, but thanks to its great success, they now offer a wide range of cosmetics for face, body and hair.

Botanicus | Czech Republic

Botanicus stands out the most among natural cosmetics in that they also grow the ingredients of their products themselves in their organic garden and botanical garden forty kilometers from Prague. In addition, they produce their high-quality products based on traditional recipes, mainly learned from grandmothers, using traditional methods, mainly involving manual labor. Their product lines are built around a variety of valuable plants and ingredients such as rose, lavender, calendula, patchouli, tea tree and Dead Sea mud.

Boróka Műhely | Hungary

Boróka Műhely is a small box of purely natural, herbal aromatherapy natural cosmetics. Its green range also includes handmade soaps, lip, face, skin and hair care cosmetics, personalized body care products and harmonizing essential oil blends. All this is made with the utmost care from selected natural ingredients. Their care products are one and all rich, healthy formulas with carefully composed biological active ingredients that preserve the radiance and power of living nature.

Nashee | Croatia

Nashee makes its handmade cosmetics from the highest quality, natural ingredients and unique fragrances with the utmost care. Their repertoire includes face creams, clay face masks, body butters, body scrubs, oils, hair serums, hand creams and lip care products, as well as a wide range of fragrant bath bombs and perfume oils. Their products are made special by the hand-decorated, personalized packaging, which is most recognizable by the satin bows.

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