The colors of health—regional restaurants and cafés with superfood on the menu | TOP 5

The colors of health—regional restaurants and cafés with superfood on the menu | TOP 5

The name superfood includes nutrient-rich plant-based foods—and certain fish and dairy products. However, there is no precise definition of what falls into this category, in fact, many say it is just a marketing ploy. But one thing is for sure: superfoods are healthy, so we need them. Exotic-sounding quinoa, well-known broccoli, or poppy seeds—we’ve selected from the superfood giants of the region!

ALIVE | Ukraine

According to ALIVE café, the lifestyle of a modern, health-conscious person is simple and functional—as cleverly complex foods are full of energy and not heavy. Their goal is to show that healthy foods are delicious and easy to prepare, despite having multiple ingredients.

Photos: ALIVE

TINK | Slovenia

The café in Ljubljana follows the 80-20 concept, as 80% of the delicacies on the menu are superfoods and the rest, let’s say, are for the soul. They also make vegan and meat options, and in addition to smoothies, you can also choose freshly squeezed orange and pomegranate juice.

Photos: TINK

Good Karma | Hungary

According to Good Karma, Indian food has the most options because “the ingredients are affordable, nutritious and suitable for all diets; the flavors are bold, interesting, and popular all over the world.” In their creed, they also draw attention to the importance of kindness and define themselves specifically as a flexitarian restaurant—which suggests following a 70% plant-based diet.

Photos: Good Karma

Superfood Deli | Austria

The primary mission of Superfood Deli is to strive for and promote environmental awareness. More specifically, they inspire people to make decisions that are good for their health and our planet. They use plastic-free, biodegradable packaging and follow the vegan philosophy.

Photos: Superfood Deli

FACH | Slovakia

In addition to a stunning interior design experience, the FACH also offers creative food to guests. They try to process food in as many ways as possible, using as many local ingredients as possible and minimizing waste. They cook seasonally and promote the joy of creation.

Photos: FACH

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