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Goodlok: the Canaan of health from Prague

The Goodlok fresh bar in Prague is more than just a juice bar. Its creators themselves were fans of tasteful and beneficial juices, which is why they started the work and began making cold-pressed fruit and vegetable fresheners. 

There was no stopping from here. The successful mobile app was followed by a café, fresh bar and fermentation plant. Thanks to the expansion, Prague residents can also enjoy refreshing and healthy drinks locally besides ordering.

Their products are the result of a combination of healthy and delicious ingredients, and their repertoire includes everything from mouth-watering pressed fruit and vegetable juices to fermented beverages, kombucha, unsweetened teas and coffees to a wide variety of superfoods.

Goodlok is a strong point for people living in and visiting the Czech capital, but especially for those who want to not only drink healthily but also live a healthy life by sharing the brand’s creed.

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