The most exciting metro stations in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

The most exciting metro stations in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Traveling by metro already is a unique feeling in itself, and metro stations have a special atmosphere. Yet for many stations, this atmosphere is different, thanks to their unique architectural solutions. These underground universes often reflect the world on the surface, the age, and urban life. Let’s get on an imaginary metro and see the most exciting metro stations in Eastern Europe!

Staroměstská | Prague, Czech Republic

The Staroměstská metro station in Prague was completed in 1978, and due to its unique shape and use of materials, it is still operating now, evoking the atmosphere of LEGO.

Photos: Magnus Mankse and Ralf Roletschek

Zoloti Vorota | Kyiv, Ukraine

Zoloti Vorota, Kyiv’s most beautiful metro station is also the most special. It got its name from the Golden Gate of the city, which is located nearby. The station, decorated with eighty mosaics, evokes ancient Russian church architecture with its sophisticated details. Although the unusual, open metro station was considered a big risk in 1989, the contractors received an award later in in 1991.

Photos: Valentyn Ogirenko and civitatis

Szent Gellert Square | Budapest, Hungary

There is more than one stop on metro line 4 that deserves a place in the selection, and the Szent Gellert Square stop is not only listed for its use of colored ceramics—the characteristic reinforced concrete beam network has been given a major structural role and creates a very good contrast in style, in addition to the decoration of the platform.

Photos: Sporaarchitects

Serpnia | Harkov, Ukraine

The pastel pink tiled stop is different from the usual Soviet-style architectural style, as the stop was built in 2004 and added to Ukraine’s metro system, along with the Botanichnyi Sad metro station.

Photos: Bucketlistly

Plac Wilsona Metro Station | Warsaw, Poland

Plac Wilsona Metro Station is one of the stops on the Warsaw M1 line, designed by Polish architect Andrzej Marek Chołdzyński. In 2008, it won the Metro Award for the best newly built station.

Photo: Artur Bogacki

Sources: European Best Destinations, bucketlistly

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