The most stylish loft apartments in the region | TOP 5

The most stylish loft apartments in the region | TOP 5

Any big city you head to is sure to be met with aesthetically unpleasing, abandoned factory buildings that spoil the cityscape. The redevelopment of areas declared as rust belts pose a number of problems, so the plant halls that were once used for industrial purposes will remain empty for many years to come. Yet more and more people are looking for exciting loft homes built from old factories. In our selection today, we took a look at these, highlighting the ones we think are the most stylish!

Fabulous view | Bratislava, Slovakia

Located in the historic center of Slovakia, this simple, minimalist-style studio apartment has a single window overlooking the Art Nouveau monument, the Blue Church. The team of the Kilo / Honc architectural firm liked the fabulous panorama so much that they put less emphasis on designing the interior and focused more on playing with lights and shadows, highlighting the special features of the place.

Photos: Matej Hakár

Practical use of space | Kyiv, Ukraine

Although loft apartments are more spacious, this 38-square-foot apartment is the perfect example of how to get the most out of a small property. The four-meter ceiling height allowed the Balbek Bureau architects to detach a smaller unit inside the apartment where the bathroom, laundry room and closet were located.


From a studio to a modern home | Budapest, Hungary

This elegant home in the capital has been transformed from a studio into a modern apartment by the designers of GASPARBONTA. The interior design concept of the property, located next to the City Park, wants to evoke the industrial character of the building, so they worked with the original materials. The dark wood, iron and concrete elements are complemented by colorful furniture, creating a cheerful and friendly atmosphere.

Photos: Bálint Jaksa

Play of the color blue | Moscow, Russia

Harry Nuriev, the founder of Crosby Studios, has brought the scene of his childhood dreams to life in this exceptional loft apartment in Moscow. In addition to the concrete walls and parquet, the blue color dominates on all surfaces: the upholstery of the sofa, the monochrome kitchen cabinet, the table and the chairs are also dressed in cobalt blue. The special feature of the wall in the living room, which divides the space into two large units, is that it is covered with broken tiles, on which we can see Gzhel, a pattern typical of Russian folk art.

Photos: Mikhail Loskutov

Loft from a school building | Mikulov, Czech Republic

An apartment from a nineteenth-century school lecture hall? According to the Czech architect studio ORA, anything is possible! However, the idea, which at first seemed a bit unusual, posed great challenges for the designers: not only did they have to meet heritage criteria, but the building was given a new ceiling under socialism. The concrete completely obscured the beautifully carved roof structure, which, fortunately, they still managed to save.

Photos: Jan Zaloudek

Kilo / Honc | Web | Facebook | Instagram
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