Together in the embrace of pines | Pine Weekendhouse awaits at the gate of Lake Balaton

Together in the embrace of pines | Pine Weekendhouse awaits at the gate of Lake Balaton

In the words of the hosts, “just 50 minutes from Budapest”, Pine Weekendhouse, perfectly composed but still breathing with nature, addresses those who want to relax at the northern gate of Lake Balaton. The boutique inn offers a community space and even a separate, quiet little den, where gastronomy, art and the atmosphere of the lake go hand in hand. The creator of the Pine, Dóra Molnár, tells us about the unique concept and why this place is suitable for both a baby shower and a poker party.

The Pine Weekendhouse in Balatonkarattya bears the symbol of its name in many ways: the pine, which conveys an elegant but cozy atmosphere, casts a cooling shadow if necessary, and at other times provides a symbiosis with nature for the temporary residents. These trees, as stable spectators of our rushing world, provide a calm and peaceful mood that allows all guests to slow down to enjoy real experiences, whether they are visiting for a weekend with friends or trying to find inner peace. In the Pine inn, a close-to-nature, familiar ambiance mixes with the luxurious milieu, where one thing is really important: “to be present and to live and share moments”.

The evergreen sensation conveys the intimate, festive atmosphere as well as the wildlife, so the pine tree motif is reflected in both the visual materials and the name of the rooms—to which the presence of the eight ancient pine trees in the garden contributes greatly. That’s why, less than an hour from the capital, when we turn off Route 71, we can find a real oasis where we are alone. “The pandemic fundamentally changed the places of our social life and the various spaces around us were all transformed. Our home has become the main social scene, where we can be alone but still together. The Pine Weekendhouse carries on this thought, this place is a small isolated bubble where guests can be present with their loved ones.”

Therefore, it is a favorable alternative for those who want a private holiday home, but without any difficulties, since Pine is a pleasant family holiday resort, equipped with hotel comfort services. “From the poker set to the slide projector, we expect everyone, even four-legged ones, so to the question of who our real target audience is, I would say: everyone who wants something a little different, who dares to go out and who can financially quit the preconceptions of the classic Balaton accommodation.” The diversity of the inn is well reflected in the various services and visitors’ needs, among whom are younger ones, whose comfort is provided by games, which are appropriate for their age, and a children animator if needed. The older ones can relax with a cocktail in the honesty bar or on the terrace watching an exciting game. The Pine also hosts events for smaller groups, whether it’s an 80th birthday or a baby shower.

In terms of interior design, it is also worth checking out the unique spaces: the design of the rooms reflects the taste of the hosts, in which Ildikó Szűcs interior designer helped. In the interior, the past is mixed with the present, where both the iconic Camaleonda sofa of BB Italia and the travel chest purchased on the Káptalantóti market, which is considered a family heirloom, show up and the walls are decorated with the fine art works of Zsófi Barabás, József Csató, Judit Fischer, Ilona Keserü and Gergő Szinyova. The culinary, designer and artistic perspective of the place is so dominant because Dóra is the artistic coordinator of the FELIX Kitchen&Bar, where she organizes periodically renewed art exhibitions in the AQVA room.

“Similarly to AQVA, as an educational space, we strive to demonstrate the importance of fine art, highlighting how to resonate with works while they become indispensable participants in our daily lives.”

It may be for this complex perspective that the Pine Weekendhouse was nominated for the ELLE Deco International Design Awards this year, where the professional jury selected the best interiors in the country.

However, not only for the eyes is the inn an outstanding experience, but also for the taste buds, the combination of the characteristics of the local products and the high quality invites the guests to a real gastronomic game: “For us, the Balaton taste is all about seasonality.” Pine offers coziness not only in comfort, but also in flavors, since breakfast is selected from the products of Culinaris, paying special attention to local and high-quality foreign products, and seasonal ingredients to meet the guests’ needs. In collaboration with Culinaris, Pine also provides extraordinary services, such as shopping so that cold rosés and lemonades await when you arrive in the house, or a seasonal menu, which can be prepared in the terrace kitchen cauldron or in the Big Green Egg barbecue.

The inn does not say goodbye at the end of the summer, as the heated pool, sauna and early autumn excursions provide an outstanding experience until the end of October, where you can prepare for the next busy period with an active rest.

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Photos: Csaba Barbay
Kata Balogh
Dániel Molnár

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