Unique cinemas in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Unique cinemas in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Almost a year ago, we were forced to home cinema: we switch on Netflix sitting on the couch while craving the smell of popcorn. In our selection today, we present a bouquet of some of the most exciting movie theaters in Eastern Europe, which offer much more than just a movie experience.

Cinema Bio Oko | Prague

The Czech art cinema offers something for everyone: mornings are dedicated to children and the elderly, and evenings offer a wide range of contemporary movies, festival successes and documentaries. The interior of the Bio Oko is made special by the retro design, but also by the fact that in addition to cinema seats, there is a wide range of seating options to choose from: beanbags, beach chairs, retro armchairs, dental chairs and pillows for the comfort of visitors. For a hedonistic experience, the buffet also offers original homemade snacks and drinks.

Kijów Cinema | Krakow

The building of Kijów Cinema is a rarity thanks to its glass façade and mosaic decoration with sunlight motifs. The interior is also decorated with a monumental mosaic composition. It is also home to a number of cultural programs, including ballet shows, cabaret shows and opera performances, as there is one of Krakow’s most modern auditoriums. Kijów is one of the festival venues of the Krakow Film Festival and hosts the International Short Film Festival for Kids of Galicia.

Puskin Art Cinema | Budapest

Puskin Cinema is one of the outstanding movie theaters in Eastern Europe. Built in 1926, then named Forum, the cinema had the largest capacity in the country, and was the first movie theater to screen sound films. Puskin currently has five halls named after iconic movies: Mephisto, Carousel, Annie Hall, Amarcord and Metropolis.

Film Garden | Bucharest

The selection would not be real without a cozy garden cinema. The Film Garden of Bucharest offers seasonal entertainment for those interested. It is primarily an open-air cinema and event venue, but also hosts a number of other cultural events. In order to promote Romanian works, local movies are often screened, followed by conversations with Romanian movie critics and directors after the screening.

Kino Úsmev | Košice

The Úsmev cinema is not only a cinema, but also a café, gallery and cultural institution, making it a popular public space for local young people and families. The special retro atmosphere of the building evokes the Slovakia of the eighties. The Košice cinema pays special attention to art movies and Slovakian productions, therefore it is constantly a venue for film festivals and other important projects.

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Kijów Cinema | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Puskin Art Cinema | Web | Facebook
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Kino Úsmev | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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