Designers vs. coronavirus

Designers vs. coronavirus

We compiled our favorite designers’ reactions to the coronavirus into a little bunch.

Labrosse Dani’s illustrations call attention to the fact that even though the disease is most probably not harmful for young and healthy people, we should still stay at home if we can, to protect the elderly who are more vulnerable to it.

You can follow the quarantine drawings at Dani’s Instagram page.

Marcell Puskás’ – SAJNI-BAJNI x CORONAVIRUS project consists of Self-pity chocolate packagings that will soothe all your quarantine pains.

Click here for more Self-pity chocolates.

Csaba Klement sends a word to the parents and grandparents with this short but concise video:

You can also find additional CsaK videos in the topic here.

Judit Orosz’ Instagram challenge is very heartwarming: she invites those who feel like creating to cover the #stayhome topic.

You can check out the illustrations under the #dtiys_juditorosz hashtag.

Anna Amélie launched a long planned project: the A|A LINES coloring books, the first part of which can be downloaded freely, this way helping us spend our time creatively at home.

The coloring book can be downloaded here

Anna Kövecses created joyful and colorful wallpapers that can be downloaded freely to spice up our days spent at home a bit.

The wallpapers can be downloaded here

virágéknál invites followers to take quarantine selfies, and creates Qurantina illustrations about the images sent to them.

You can learn more about the “rules” on their Instagram.

The team of studio NUR proposes ideas how to spend our time during the quarantine with the help of cool graphics.

Follow them for more daily tips.

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