Home office time | Interior designers’ tips

Home office time | Interior designers’ tips

There are some who have worked from home before all this, and there are some to whom staying as productive as one was in the office means a completely new and unknown challenge. The quarantine forces everyone to create their own home work stations – if so, let’s bring out the best of it! We compiled the best tips provided by interior designers.

_01 Light and shadow

Wherever you work, natural light is your best friend. If possible, set up your home office in a place that is sufficiently light during the day. If you make sure that light does not come from behind (an important aspect from the point of the screen, too), it also enhances your sense of space, so your sense of isolation can also be eased. At the same time, you should also pay attention to shading, as too much light and the impulses from the outside can also throw back your effectiveness.

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If the sun has gone down, or the weather is gloomy, you should equip the lamp with a 4000 Kelvin bulb instead of one with a blueish or yellowish tone, as this one is the most stimulant without tiring your eyes.

_02 Ergonomics

The most idealistic choice is a height-adjustable desk and office chair – it’s more likely, however, that you’ll not purchase these right now. If the height of your current table is around 68-72 cm, and the height of your chair is around 43-47 cm, they fulfil the optimal ergonomic criteria. If not so, you can modify the values with cushions or bookends.

_03 Inspiration

You should not place the photos about your family, friends or holidays around your desk, as these will continuously interrupt your workflow. At the same time, don’t underestimate the role of decoration, especially if you work in the creative industry: photos, collages, statues, vases and magazines – anything that inspires you can be placed near your desk, making sure you don’t clutter your environment at the same time.

_04 Order and system

Speaking of clutter: it might be worth to empty a drawer near the desk to prevent towers of papers and other stuff piling up on your table. Keep the necessary tools at hand, and strive for the most practical arrangement possible. Take some minutes every day to organize your desk, this way preventing chaos taking over your minds.

_05 Conference compatibility

The next section is also related to this: it’s worth establishing a background that is an appropriate environment for possible Skype meetings, too. The best is a white wall or any surface that does not distract the other party and does not make you seem disorganized.

_06 Division of space

Wherever possible, it might be worth separating the work station from the other parts of the apartment, even if you don’t have a separate room for that. Alternative space division can be provided by larger plants or mobile small furniture (ottomans, tea trolleys, console tables).

_08 Materials and colors

If you’re about to create your home office space now, choose durable, high quality materials, such as solid wood. Instead of laminated wood surfaces, experts recommend high quality HPL desks, owing to their high heat-proof as well as chemical and abrasion resistant properties. You should avoid harsh and vivid colors on the whole, even if you think they are motivating – you will achieve a frustrating effect with them in the long run. You should rather play with vivid colors in the form of accessories, and leave the walls and large surfaces in neutral tones.

+1 Hydration

The simplest way to ensure your productivity is by not forgetting about regular and proper hydration. This means 2-2.5 liters of water per day in the case of sedentary work. Prepare a bottle of water to your desk already at the beginning of the day!

We thank the colleagues of este’s partners, experts Eszter Radnóczy, Mária Bige and Fanni Gyurics for the tips.

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