Diverse watches and clocks from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Diverse watches and clocks from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Ticking, clacking, working and decorating all the time—the watch, whatever kind it is, is one of our most exciting everyday objects. Nothing could better reflect their diversity than this selection, which showcases the most exciting pieces in the region. Watch out!

Patrzwork | Poland

It may seem a little strange at first, but when we see the end result, it will definitely win our hearts: Patrzwork ceramic watches bring a jovial atmosphere and a minimalist approach at the same time, while creating a touch of baroque feel. They are guaranteed to sneak joy into the interior.

Optimef | Romania

Optimef was the very first watch brand on the Romanian market, their first product appeared in 1979. Since then, the brand has been working on continuous renewal, but in the meantime, keeping the original concept alive: this is how the current appearance of Optimef watches was born, which blends modern visuality with the aesthetics of the 80s.

Evolvens Budapest | Hungary

The design process and implementation of Evolvens Watch wristwatches take place entirely in Budapest. Modern technology blends with classic elegance. Evolvens watches were born after a number of technical malice and prototypes, which perfectly reflect the dynamics of the capital and Hungary.

Kibardin Design | Czech Republic

The special items of Kibardin Design are all very unique, but the Spiritus alarm clock is perhaps the most special of them. It is a diffuser, an alarm clock and a work of art all at once—it sprays natural oils to help you sleep while waking up its owner in a unique look.

LAVMI | Czech Republic

The LAVMI studio creates designer wallpapers and accessories that delight others due to their originality. Cheerful graphic solutions occur on several objects, including wall clocks, which bring harmony to everyday life. The motto and mission of the studio is to inspire you to change!

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Optimef | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Evolvens Budapest | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Kibardin Design | Web | Facebook | Instagram
LAVMI | Web | Instagram

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