East by KONNTRA | 5 Instagram profiles that are worth following!

East by KONNTRA | 5 Instagram profiles that are worth following!

Not just a bar, but the stage of culture and community where the discovery of new artists and designers takes place alongside plants and a variety of natural drinks; a sustainable fashion brand based in Ljubljana and Skopje, an illustrator, and a collection of Yugoslav applied arts objects: in our list today you can choose from such themes. Instagram profiles recommended by KONNTRA architecture studio follow!

In our new series we focus on the presentation of a city, but one of the strengths of the KONNTRA architecture studio is that the founding members all have different cultural backgrounds and are always enriched with new experiences and impressions through their projects in different cities—that is why we can get to know several cities from their point of view in an unusual way this time. They now highlighted Instagram profiles that are worth exploring.






Make sure you check out the previous episodes of our East by KONNTRA series, in which the architecture studio collected inspiring books, Eastern European buildings, places, as well as music and a movie.


KONNTRA is an architectural studio operating in Slovenia, Macedonia and Croatia, founded in 2018 by Erik Jurišević, Mirjana Lozanovska and Silvija Shaleva. In connection with the presentation of their architectural projects, they have become known for their contemporary, characterful and colorful approach: their architectural collages involve the spatial experience related to the given space by involving all our senses. Symbolic associations, as a kind of graphic manifesto, provide an opportunity to understand the stories behind the spaces.

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In our newly launched East by series, we present Eastern European cities from the point of creatives. We gathered books, buildings, places and other creative content that offer a new perspective for exploring cities. In the series, we ask the architecture studios participating in Othernity, the exhibition of the Hungarian Pavilion of the 2021 Venice Biennale.

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