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A Cubist building hides the repertoire of BOMMA: the BOMMA Atelier opened

The new showroom of the renowned Czech brand, BOMMA Atelier, is housed in a Cubist building in the center of Prague. The newly created center is aimed at design lovers and professionals: for the first time, we can see all the BOMMA lamp collections in one space. In this unique urban interior, custom-made furniture is associated with products from world-leading brands in contemporary interior design, opening a dialogue about the opportunities in the industry.

Czech crystal luminaire manufacturer BOMMA has decided to set up its first showroom in the unusually composed apartment of the Cubist Diamond House. The house was designed in 1912 by architect Emil Králíček; BOMMA rents the apartment directly from the descendants of the original owner, writer and politician Adolf Hoffmeister.

BOMMA Atelier not only showcases its own repertoire, but also hosts other works of art and products from premium brands. The goal was to create a center dedicated to interior design in this unique environment: a living space for inspiration, discussions and meetings for both professionals and the general public. In addition to meetings with partners and clients, BOMMA also plans to organize various events and presentations, as well as record BOMMA Design Talks podcasts on interior design.

Our goal was to create a truly inspiring and unusual space that fully showcases the potential of interior design. That’s why we approached Milan-based Sophie Wannenes: her typically Italian view goes beyond the ever-present minimalism. She understands how to mix different styles and highlights the character of each product with bold combinations,” said Eva Kozarová, marketing director at BOMMA.

The concept is based on current European trends, into which we have mixed colors to create an almost presentable yet harmonious atmosphere,” added Sophie Wannenes.

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