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Award-winning confectionary brands in the region | TOP 5

As the largest and most reliable food and drink accreditation system, Great Taste awarded the best applicants again this year. A panel of more than 500 experts evaluated 14,113 products from 108 countries—across various categories and awards. In this selection, we present regional confectionery brands whose certain products have won one, two or three stars within a subcategory.

Slowlandia | Slovakia

Slowlandia is a country that may not even exist. It is a country where things are done slowly and trustworthily, with an emphasis on quality, sustainability, tradition and health. Maybe it’s somewhere in the heart of Europe, maybe just in our imagination and our desires,” the family business says on its website. Premium ingredients, healthy sweeteners, own recipes, consistency, vegan creams, and more. The brand, which receives many awards each year, is inspired by visits to Italian craft producers and a wide variety of fairs and events.

Réel Chocolate | Serbia

Réel means real, which also suggests the company’s vision: they want to deliver real value with quality ingredients. The chocolate manufactory of Hungarian relevance in Zenta is also a family business, and thanks to its fast-paced development, they are also waiting for the sweet tooth with their own sample shop and handcrafted ice creams.

Photos: Réel Chocolate

Teta Frida | Slovenia

The mission of Aunt Frida—Teta means aunt in Slovenian—is to support Liberia, more specifically the village of Molly-Koyata, whose survival also depends on the potential of cocoa plantations. There are mysterious stories about Aunt Frida that reveal that she is an adventurous, funny lady.

Photos: Teta Frida

Spare Snacks | Poland

If you think about food-saving, then you must check out Spare Snacks. The founder, Ben, learned from his mother as a child not to waste food and then faced the true weight of the problem as an adult. As a solution, he started collecting imperfect fruits from the local market and made healthy snacks out of them!

Photos: Spare Snacks

Justwholefoods | Austria 

Justwholefoods has been focusing on producing top-quality plant-based foods since 1989. However, their only vegan offer consists not only of ready-made delicacies but also of easy-to-prepare baking mixes.

Photos: Justwholefoods

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Source: Great Taste Awards

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