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Endless alternatives—outstanding vegan cafés in the region | TOP 5

Many people imagine vegan cafés with limited options, when the opposite is true: countless options, cakes and dishes made with special ingredients, creativity, dedication and, last but not least, love and respect for animals. Although the philosophy is gaining popularity, it is still a challenge to open a vegan café—and find one. So we have collected our favorites, which even attract many with stylish interiors. Here we go!

Om Nom Nom Vegan Cafe | Ukraine

Designed by the replus design bureau architecture studio, the plant-based café opened in 2019 within the restaurant of a huge office building. The conscious use of natural resources and a healthy lifestyle are promoted in all segments of the café—wooden furniture in a simple, open space, murals depicting animals, but even living trees adorn the interior of the building.

Flow Specialty Coffee Bar & Bistro | Hungary

One of the great advantages of Flow is the spacious space, which is very rare among cafés in Budapest. Beyond the wonderful downtown environment, we are greeted by a spectacular, industrial interior where you can choose from extravagant vegan dishes and high-quality coffees, among other things.

Fukafe Vegan Pastry and Coffee Shop | Poland

The boho district of the seaside town of Gdańsk is home to a vegan bakery and café with a history of nearly ten years. Fukafe, which is constantly experimenting with coffee trends, also makes sugar-free and gluten-free delicacies.

Moment Bistro | Czech Republic

Moment, which works with local ingredients, is a bistro on the one hand, and a café and pub on the other—for being vegan. And the exciting combination is only enhanced by the fact that they also prepare traditional Czech dishes! The philosophy of veganism is fully followed, for example, guests are also asked not to wear furs.

Café Ansari | Austria

Café Ansari serves specialties of Mediterranean, Georgian and international cuisine. The restaurant and café is not exclusively plant-based, but has a colorful selection for vegans too. It offers a variety of specialties and menus according to the time of day, with a magnificent interior and a cozy terrace.

Om Nom Nom Vegan Cafe | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Flow Specialty Coffee Bar & Bistro | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Fukafe Vegan Pastry and Coffee Shop | Web Facebook | Instagram
Moment Bistro | Facebook | Instagram
Café Ansari | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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