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Erosion sealed in glass—Anna Jožová at the Venice Biennale

Anna Jožová, a promising young artist from the glass studio of the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague (UMPRUM), presented her latest work at the 2021 Venice Biennale. The Czech glassmaker was fascinated by ceramics and porcelain very early on, during high school. Despite her young age, her works have already been presented in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. In 2019, she won the award for Best Product at the Prague Design Week and was nominated for the Czech Grand Design award in the Discovery of the year category.  

In recent years, Jožová has consciously approached glass art and design. Her artistic attitude is embodied in exceptionally new and unique objects. She creates special collections by combining materials that at first glance seem incompatible with classic glass techniques.

The current ominous environmental situation comes to life enclosed in glass through the works exhibited at the Biennale, pieces from the GAIA and KETO series. The projects were inspired by the designer’s eight-month study trip to New Zealand. In both series, the fragility and vulnerability of the landscape prevails, to which Jožová responds through her own visual language.

She used a combination of clear glaze and volcanic sand for the GAIA porcelain vases, the latter being sourced one by one from places that may soon disappear due to adverse environmental effects. As in the landscape itself, traces of erosion, cracks and scalds can be discovered on the vases that follow. The black crystal vases of the project, called KETO, combined with wire, reflect on today’s pressing problem, ocean pollution.

Photos: Anna Jožová

Anna Jožová simultaneously goes back to ancient glass-blowing techniques and pushes the boundaries of manufacturing processes. Her bold, experimental and creative design solutions have got extremely positive feedback from the beginning. Her works have been exhibited in the thematic selection of the Venice Design Biennale SPUMA-Space for the Arts, Design As Self-Portrait. 

Photo: Venice Art Factory

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Source: Umprum

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