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Feast of Contradictions | Sebestyén Boér

Snack at your grandmother, quick appetite suppression after a school running race or the most classic menu at a house party—we know a thousand faces of bread and dripping with or without onions, but it may have never caused as much aesthetic pleasure as Sebestyén Boér’s project.

The Feast of Contradictions is based on the play of bread and dripping and geometric shapes. The dialogue between the patterns and the raw material connects the difference between the two worlds: the basic amorphous nature of the paprika and the blending of geometrically accurate shapes provide a truly exciting visual experience. The precise design of the shapes elevates the otherwise simple, not necessarily decorative appearance of bread and dripping to a completely different dimension. The title of the project also emphasizes this contrast.

Sebestyén Boér | Behance

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