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Festival installation by AU workshop | HYPE X WONDEREST

The basic philosophy of Wonderest festival is to offer a retreat to nature, and the installation created by AU Workshop, the Copper Thinking Bench further accentuates this aspiration. If the festival’s participants had enough of all the experiences and special sounds, they can visit this one-of-a-kind seating furniture to reload and recharge. 

Wonderest festival will be held soon, between July 8 and 11, at a height of 1100 meters in the heart of Transylvanian mountains. The event offering a familiar atmosphere takes place in the spirit of slowing down, disconnecting and eco-consciousness: there’s no reception, but in exchange there is a breathtaking view, indie folk and experimental performers, sunrise concerts and an unforgettable community experience.And how is a micro-festival made up? In the upcoming weeks, we’ll introduce the unique atmosphere of Wonderest festival to our readers element by element, through a creator or performer coming from a different field each week. Click here for tickets!

The copper bench designed by the Budapest-based architecture group, the Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop, is a further development of a previous thinking chair project of theirs. In folk culture, the thinking chair was a seat reserved for the man of the house, without any functions like eating or working. When sitting on these chairs, everything was given for the user to only sit and think. “We wanted to create an installation that offers a joint experience to the participants of the festivals, so we designed the copper bench in a manner to provide comfortable seating to up to three people at the same time. No words are needed when a group of two or three walks up the hillside next to the festival, sits down on the bench and marvels at the fantastic landscape that is beneath them. This way, thinking can take place in shared silence. The festival stage seems small when sitting on the copper bench, which shifts the focus to the beauty of the mountains and the woods surrounding the user,” the creators told us.

The creators linked the seating furniture to Venus, the goddess of creativity—this is why they opted for copper as a raw material. Back in the old days, copper was associated with the non-material forces radiating from Venus. The slightly diagonal structure of the piece made of bent red sheets increases the rigidity and resistance of the object, while the slight bendings appear as a decorative motif on the simple shape. 

Video Szabó Csaba Zsolt 
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