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From kosher restaurants to sustainable packaging | Piqniq pack—Part 13

What makes a kitchen kosher? How has food delivery changed in recent years and how can it be made more sustainable? Where to start if we’re looking for a vegetarian or vegan restaurant? How has the pandemic affected tipping habits? Questions and answers in the latest Piqniq pack episode.

IN SEARCH OF KOSHER MEAT—What makes a restaurant kosher?

There are quite a few restaurants in Budapest that offer traditional Jewish meals, but most of these kitchens aren’t kosher. With the help of Dániel Preiszler, you’ll get a glimpse of the religion-based “kosher rules,” from the preparation of ingredients to the cooking process, and serving.

SUSTAINABLE FOOD DELIVERY—Conscious packaging design for the environment

During the pandemic, the demand for takeaway has increased many times over. When launching a catering business, you have to think through if you want to feature delivery in your business profile. Although this activity has a significant ecological footprint, conscious planning and forethought can greatly contribute to sustainability. Can paper fully substitute plastic packaging? Is biodegradable also necessarily environmentally friendly? How to avoid greenwashing? Is there a future for reusable food containers? Can a gastro-firm, or a major player in the delivery business shape consumer attitude in this area?

We’re examining these questions in the 9th podcast episode of Piqniq Budapest with sustainability expert Szabolcs Kovács, and food delivery entrepreneur Gábor Szórád who’s strongly connected to the industry.


Luckily, there are more and more vegetarian- and vegan-friendly places opening in Hungary, and plant-based food is at least an option in most traditional restaurants, as well. That’s great, but their quality and prices are quite unpredictable; some places offer breaded mushrooms as their best plant-based option, while others feature creative vegetable dishes on their menu with clever names and sky-high prices. Where do you go if you’d like a varied, but not too pricy vegetarian or vegan dish? Do you know any places whose plant-based menu would even be suitable for family dinners?


Does poverty breed discontent waiters? After the uncertainties of the past two and a half years, the catering business is slowly getting back on its feet, while an unfavorable tendency has occurred for those who (partly) live off tips. Although the pandemic has merely been a catalyst in the process, we tend to pay more and more by card over recent years. However, when it comes to paying by card, not all systems allow restaurants to add the value of the tip to the bill, and some guests think that this little extra (legal) revenue won’t make it to the waiter in the end. Many complain that the amount of tips has significantly shrunk recently, and while some places try to mend this by including a service fee in the final sum, not all guests are happy with this solution. What’s your experience? Do you give or get fewer tips now that more people are paying by card? What could be a good solution?

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