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From small town delicatessen to freshly baked bread | Piqniq pack—Part 12

There are plenty of quality delicatessens in the capital, but what about the suburbs? How to strike a work-life balance, or what are the best practices to follow if you want to manage your time efficiently? What are the most pressing problems in the gastronomy sector? How to bake the perfect loaf of bread at home? Questions and answers in the latest Piqniq pack episode!

VIDEO: Delicatessen in a small town—The agglomeration’s gastronomic scene is changing

Even the population of a small town is constantly changing, with many people moving from Budapest to the agglomeration in recent times. This phenomenon has given rise to a demand for more quality gastro facilities. It also happened in Vác, where Kata and Marci opened Libra Delicatessen, where they offer specialty coffee as well as quality small-scale and delicatessen products. Their example proves that in a small town, several places with a similar approach can coexist, and in fact, supporting each other, they play an active role in educating the public and creating demand.

PATRON: Gastro business and me-time—Workshop on time management and self-awareness

To start a gastro business, it’s not all about your personality. You need to be a manager (and owner), organizer, marketer, finance and HR manager all at the same time. How do you manage to do well in all these areas, fit it all in 24 hours a day and still have time for your personal life? Ingrid B. Szabó, life and mentor coach, will help you in a 3-hour workshop to explore what your business means to you and how to build effective time management so that you can have time for everything and everyone you want to do and be with, in addition to being a purposeful entrepreneur.

RESEARCH: Gastro status report, behind the counter and beyond: opinions from the hospitality industry

Piqniq Budapest conducted an opinion poll on the challenges and issues most concerning the Hungarian gastronomy sector. It is a gap-filling initiative which not only highlights the difficulties of the hospitality sector, but also outlines possible solutions. Furthermore, it identifies knowledge sharing and the launch of professional dialogue as its main objectives. Data showed that developing a sense of employee vocation, the ability to adapt more quickly to changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and improving managers’ financial literacy are among the most pressing challenges facing the sector.

VIDEO: The perfect bread at homeTricks and tips from sourdough to freshly baked bread

Gabriella Ormós is known to everyone who bakes bread, whether as a beginner or a professional. In our video, the founder of the KovászLabor Facebook group shares with us, from the ingredients to the freshly baked bread, a range of tips and tricks to get the perfect result. We also learn that as tempting as it may be, you should never cut bread while it’s still warm.

Photos: Piqniq Budapest
Video: Piqniq Budapest—Gergő

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