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From sustainable gastronomy business to Hungarian rice | Piqniq Pack—Part 2

What can a restaurant do if it wants to operate in a sustainable way? How and what should a manager communicate to their employees if they want to make their business a success? What is the secret to exciting biscuits and what is the potential in the seemingly distant rice? It turns out from the current Piqniq pack!

PODCAST: Sustainable gastronomy businesses—Green your business in small steps!

It was still a trend a few years ago for a catering business to address the issue of sustainability, it is now mandatory to integrate it into day-to-day operations. Although we talk about the subject in many places, there is still a lot to do beyond the plastic straw. In the second podcast of Piqniq Budapest, we are looking for an answer with the founder of an environmentally conscious hygiene brand and an expert in waste management to the challenges to be faced and the concrete steps a gastronomy company or consumer can take if environmental awareness is important to them.

VIDEO: The exciting biscuit—Varied ingredients and flavor combinations—tips from the confectioner

A biscuit doesn’t have to be dry and boring, with a combination of creativity, exciting flavors and quality ingredients, the world opens up in the field of cookies as well. Szonja Márk, the confectioner at the Édesem cake workshop and the author of several recipe books, shows in this video available only to Piqniq Pro registrants that there is life beyond the Hungarian snow crescent and the walnut linzer.

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PATRON: Everything about Hungarian rice—Cooking show and workshop on the past of Hungarian rice and its potential

Rice from the Körös Valley? In addition to the numerous wonders of the Carpathian Basin, the cultivated plant from Southeast Asia also found its place in the Hungarian Great Plain, and in the 18th century, it was grown on an area of 50,000 hectares. Today, this area has been reduced to just over 3,000 hectares, even though the climate is good.

Károly Valentinyi first met the rice plant in the 1980s and a lucky coincidence gave him the idea to start the business. In order to produce quality rice, they set up their own plant and in 2002, they started with rice processing. Valoryz products are also recognized internationally.

Fruzsina Valentinyi and her husband, chef Péter Várvizi, will introduce the participants to the Hungarian rice, its past, its potential and the right ways to prepare it in a workshop with a 10-person cooking show.

HOW-TO: 6 tips to communicate well with your employees as a leader or 6 guidelines to help you better communicate as a leader

Professional partner: Szilárd Gréczi
The key to business success lies in human relationships, which are based on good communication. To run a successful business, you need not only capital, commitment, and expertise, but also to communicate well with those you work with. Want to know what are some of the things you should always pay attention to when communicating as a leader? Let’s see!

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