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From the Dunakeszi specialty café to the perfect fisherman’s soup experience | Piqniq Pack—Part 1

How to start a gastro blog? Is it worth opening a café or bakery in the agglomeration? What place to visit if you want a culinary experience at Lake Tisza? And what do you need for the perfect fisherman’s soup? You can find out all from the fresh and crisp Piqniq Pack, debuting now!

PODCAST: The baker, the coffee specialist and the agglomeration

In 2020, more than 80,000 people moved out of the capital to the agglomeration, who are likely to continue to demand the usual selection and quality of restaurants. This phenomenon may give way to the birth of new businesses and the emergence of trends that are already common in the capital.

The moving wave raises many new questions—Bálint Juhász, a career switcher, who opened a specialty café in the Dunakeszi residential area with a bold move, and Szabi, the baker, who, after conquering the capital, is opening new bakeries in more and more agglomerations and rural locations seek answers to these questions.

Where is it worth opening a store outside Budapest now? Does a unit in the capital mean more security for a new business, or can an agglomeration be a more exciting location?

How does someone who is just starting out in hospitality, experience this opening to the agglomeration, and what are the tips of an entrepreneur who has already set industry standards on his own and his name has become a brand? What challenges did they face during the pandemic? How to plan with the agglomeration as opposed to the big city? What future do they see for their profession and business?

András Petur talked to them about this and much more in the first podcast episode of the Piqniq Budapest gastro education community.

VIDEO: Regional development, tourism, gastronomy—Lake Tisza—Tiszafüred, Mariska Restaurant

Opening a catering unit is a challenge in itself, especially if you are also actively involved in the development of the area hosting the restaurant. Csaba Heinz Barabás has been close to Lake Tisza since he was a child. He never saw it as an entrepreneurial opportunity, but he never gave it up when the area was undeservedly underestimated and neglected and he wanted to take active action against it. The goal is not to save the world but to create demand and then to serve it with quality, which is why he opened the Mariska restaurant in Tiszafüred with his wife in the spring.

PATRON: Dávid Kárai—How to start your gastro blog?

The world of gastro blogging may seem perfect and easy at first: delicious food, travel in the (culinary) world, and always enthusiastic followers who die for your content. It seems simple, but the blogging that sounds easy at first requires the same dedication as the work of a professional chef.

Within the framework of a 5-person family workshop with Dávid Kárai, you can get answers to the following questions: Why is it good to get involved in gastro blogging?

– What goals should we set that blogging can support?
– What is the “set of rules” for content production? How to plan, create, visualize?
– What content production tools are there and how can you make them help?
– What are the background tasks for content production that will help you make your text visually complete?

HOW-TO: 5 professional tips for the perfect fisherman’s soup experience

Different customs in every country and different fisherman’s soups in every region: anyone who cooks on a regular basis is almost certain to stick to a cooking technique, is strict about the type of fish that can be used, and swears by a particular pasta. But what if the point is not the grinding or the pasta, but the attention and high quality? We’ve brought a 5-point list of the key ingredients for the perfect fisherman’s soup experience.

Photos: Piqniq Budapest
Videos: Gergő Sepsi

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