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Refreshing juices | TOP 5

After the waterfront, the best antidotes to summer heat are undoubtedly cold drinks and fresh juices. In our selection today, we focus on the latter with five cold-pressed juices, each bottle of which is rich in vitamins and flavors.

The Cold Pressed Juices | Poland

Let’s start with perhaps the coolest juice brand in Poland. In addition to its ever-expanding offering, The Cold Pressed Juices also conveys a distinctive sense of life with its vitamin-rich drinks.

Photos: thecoldpressedjuices.com.pl

The Juiceline | Hungary

One of the leading brands of Hungary’s juice revolution is The Juiceline, which is committed to promoting the importance of a healthy diet in addition to drinking juice.

Cold Pressed Juicery | Romania

The Cold Pressed Juicery in Bucharest uses the best possible technology in order to process the ingredients to preserve most of the vitamins and nutritional value.

Photos: @coldpressedjuicery.co (facebook)

Superjuice | Hungary

The Superjuice team is also based in Budapest, whose drinks, famous for their special taste combinations, can be found all over the city.

Mellow | Czech Republic

At the Mellow juice brand in Prague, only their drinks are fresher. The youngest company on our list is making its debut with an exciting brand identity and great smoothies, we support them in the future as well!

The Cold Pressed Juices | Web | Facebook | Instagram
The Juiceline | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Cold Pressed Juicery | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Superjuice | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Mellow | Instagram

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