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Hungarian design—10+1 experiments | Hungarian design then and now

Within the framework of a university course, students of MOME undertook to translate the theme and questions of the “Magyar design – 10+1 kísérlet” (Hungarian design—10+1 experiments) exhibition initiated as a problem identification by Mihály Pohárnok in 1972, into the present day.

The exhibition, launched in the 1970s, focused on functionalism, systematic design, manufacturability, and social needs and was followed by months of professional press debate. Fifty years after the original exhibition, Hungarian design is back at the Fészek Gallery under the title Magyar design – 10+1 kísérlet.

Eszter Földi, art historian and adjunct professor at the Institute for Theoretical Studies of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, will welcome the guests and the exhibition will be opened by Mihály Pohárnok, graphic designer, design manager, and Piroska Novák, design and art theorist.

Curators: Réka Albert, Anna Csernus, Anna Forgách, Eszter Gyöngyösi, Dóra Kolontai, Zsófia Anna Kovács, Edit Lukács, Dorottya Márkus, Tímea Mozga, Sándor Őze, Vanessza Vezendi, Anna Vékony, Noémi Viski

Graphics: Andrea Diána Keresztesi, Bence Málnási

Installation: Rebeka Anna Majnár, Balázs Mocselini

Location: Fészek Galéria

Opening: 2 November 2021. 18:00

Source: Press Release

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