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Special concepts, unique graphic design—creative studios in the region | TOP 5

In the endless sea of information that reaches us, it would be hard to remember exactly every ad, but if we come across a well-designed identity—be it food, cosmetics or some kind of service—we immediately notice it and remember that brand. In our selection today, we present Eastern European studios that give eye-catching looks with a lot of work and even more creativity to our originally boring, casual-looking products!

Orchidea Agency | Ukraine

The Kyiv-based Orchidea Agency, in addition to creating the perfect design, also places great emphasis on environmental protection, so they work exclusively with sustainable brands. The agency, which also deals with market research and the development of marketing strategies, often goes back to the vibrant nuances that evoke the atmosphere of the seventies and eighties when designing an identity.

Owlsome Studio | Poland

Although the customers of the five-person Polish Owlsome Studio include brands that produce food supplements and handcrafted ice creams, most of the time they still work with companies that sell natural cosmetics. The materials used in the advertising campaigns of creams, serums and other beauty products are characterized by geometric design and pastel color combinations.

Superawesome Agency | Serbia

The Superawesome Agency team, which also operates as a design shop and creative studio, has so far worked with several foreign companies such as the Indian real estate agency, Dhanani or the American sustainable clothing brand, The Big Favourite. The Serbian agency, which specializes specifically in remote working, has developed strategies that make it easier to work with international brands.

Halisten Studio | Hungary

Outstanding in the field of animation, the Halisten Studio makes our muesli boxes, pálinka bottles or even the identity and interior of a bar special with its unique graphic design and cheerful, colorful illustrations. The labels, designed by a team of five friends, bring different stories to life, in which the protagonist is a fruit typical of muesli, or an animal that refers to the name of a particular type of beer.

Hungry Studio | Slovakia

The Slovak Hungry Studio, which strives for minimalism and refinement in the execution of its projects, swears by simplicity, so it only contracts with clients who want to see a clean yet elegant look on their online interfaces. In their portfolio, we can meet diverse partners such as a Chinese restaurant or a cultural center.

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