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Stargate-like portal built in Lithuania and Poland

A sci-fi atmosphere spreads in the streets of Lubin and Vilnius, as residents of the two cities can now see each other in real-time through special portals.

The unique device was installed at one of the Lithuanian capital’s train stations on the initiative of the development agency, Go Vilnius. The portal shows a real-time image of the streets and the pedestrians from the Polish town of Lubin situated 600 kilometers away.

Both portals have large screens and cameras that broadcast live images between the two cities—a kind of digital bridge, according to its creators—meant to reinforce the feeling of unity and to offer an alternative to traveling and meeting new people during the lockdown. The portals were designed by the engineers of the Innovation Centre at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, during a five-year-long development period.

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Source: The Verge, Go Vilnius

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