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Vogue Travel: A guide to Poland like you haven’t seen before

A special “Vogue Travel” attachment has been made for the Polish edition of Vogue for the November issue, which will be attached as a gift to the big brother. However, the publication is not special because it is an extra few pages of reading that describes the most beautiful Polish landscapes, but because it presents it from a perspective that we have not yet seen.

Katarzyna Ciejka, author of the Travelicious blog and editor-in-chief of Vogue Travel and gastronomy blogger Malgosia Minta, traveled around five regions of Poland, from north to south, for about 8 weeks to produce a guidebook-like material about the country. They were aware that, in terms of hotels and other accommodation, Polish design was outstanding and well-known at a European level, but the question was, what about the small manufactories, handicrafts, or markets? During their travels, these made the preparation of the materials and the exploration of the country really valuable, and in the end, supplemented with personal stories, a guidebook about the Polish landscapes was indeed created, approaching the topic from a different aspect.

“I would like this publication to inspire travel in Poland, but also conversations and to look for the products described in city stores. Our goal is to draw attention to locality, nature, the seemingly mundane. Our country has a diverse and charming beauty, it is worth discovering,” writes Katarzyna Ciejka in her introduction.

The publication illustrates the stories and experiences with beautiful photos and perfectly expresses the foggy mornings of late summer and early autumn, the value of homemade delicacies and the romanticism of Polish forests.

On top of all this, the trip has also been documented with video footage, so we can gain even more insight into the magical journey and the atmosphere given by the locations.

Check it out!

Photos: Katarzyna Ciejka/Travelicious

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