Entertaining, value-preserving and green—that’s a modern restaurant! | Piqniq pack—Part 8

Entertaining, value-preserving and green—that’s a modern restaurant! | Piqniq pack—Part 8

What is the secret of the perfect sourdough bread? What can restaurants and everyday people do—apart from giving up plastic straws—to make their kitchens environmentally friendly and clean? How does a bistro need to raise the bar if it wants to offer an exquisite guest experience? What’s the community-building power of a business? Here’s the latest Piqniq pack!

VIDEO: Déryné, where the host is in control—Guest experience lies in the smallest details

Sixteen years ago, the story of TV producer Kristóf Kovács and Déryné began. The secret to the restaurant’s success is that they don’t think in terms of kitchen and service, but in terms of a core experience. According to Kristóf, the essence of the guest experience is to raise the level of entertainment to a high level, which requires attention to detail and precision. The work of the staff at Déryne is now supported by 130 pages of internal regulations.

The owner’s guiding principle is that the host is always in control, the customer only needs to sit back and have fun.

PATRON 1: Bistro from our memoriesthe story of Normafa Delikát. Values reconsideredworkshop with the founders of Hosszúlépés. Járunk? and Normafa Delikát.

A good restaurant is not just about delicious and creative menus, but also about the spirit of the place. As well as the design of the food, the ambiance of the building and the social atmosphere all improve the dining experience.

In a 2-hour workshop, Bori Koniorczyk and Dávid Merker, creators of the Hosszúlépés. Járunk? program series and the owners of Normafa Delikát talk about why you should preserve the interior design of the building of your choosing, how to incorporate the old memories of the place into your concept and how to make your business a community-builder.

PATRON 2: A new level of sustainable catering—workshop on environmentally conscious operation, combined with a factory visit

Environmental protection is no longer just a trend, it’s a way of life. Awareness starts at home, but it must extend to all areas of life, because our world doesn’t just start at our doorstep, it really begins beyond it.

How can you take a step-by-step approach to green the catering industry? What’s beyond the plastic straw problem? How do you reduce your ecological footprint in your business? How can you avoid the greenwashing phenomenon?

Creator of Cleaneco and Bibo ‘the eco lifestyle shop’ András Juhász will help you get a clearer picture of the world of sustainable hygiene, eco-cleaning products, paper products, disposables, packaging and waste management, and invite you on an exciting factory visit in Dunakeszi, where you can experience the process of environmentally conscious production for yourself.

András Juhász is the founder and owner of the environmentally-conscious Cleaneco hygiene brand. In 2011, the Cleaneco brand was launched as a start-up from a garage with ten different products. Today, they produce over 200 different products for households and businesses in their own factory and manufactory in Dunakeszi, providing sustainable hygiene to 2200 partners nationwide. Since the beginning, the company has been based on research and development, which has led to the introduction of biodegradable, bioplastic packaging for their household products since 2020 and continuous research and development of biodegradable, compostable packaging alternatives.

HOW TO: The secret of the perfect sourdough bread—10 tips and tricks to bake a magical bread at home

Although sourdough baking is an ancient technique and this flexible magic dough has been a favorite in many modern kitchens for years, the real renaissance of the mother dough came with the lockdown associated with Covid. It’s been almost two years since enthusiastic amateurs started baking their own bread, and more and more are now trying their hand at baking beautifully shaped loaves using sourdough. But what really makes good homemade bread? Here are ten tips and tricks to help you make it.

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