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How to make a smashing cake and take advantage of your guest’s critique! | Piqniq pack—Part 7

How to write about gastronomy differently, or what’s beyond the classic restaurant reviews? Can branding help a bad product? Is it possible to find flow and fun in making a cake as complicated as a choux? And does the saying that the customer is always right still apply? Here’s the fresh Piqniq Pack, where foodies and those less experienced in the kitchen will also find what theyre looking for!

VIDEO: Fancy cake, easy to make—when baking is pure relaxation

Baking is like a meditation, an absolute relaxation from the moment you start shopping, especially if you give the ingredients the respect they deserve. Alexandra Horváth, the founder of Egy csipet torta, bakes a seemingly complicated cake, the choux, which she shows how to make even for those who are not so experienced in the kitchen.

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PATRON: Write, create, connect—How to do it differently from others? Workshop on creative writing for gastronomy with journalists from HYPEANDHYPER and TELEX

Everyone is a bit of a restaurant critic or food blogger these days, but you can stand out from the noise if you find a tone of voice and content type that is authentic to you. A good food critic not only evaluates but looks for the root of things and tells the whole story.

HYPEANDHYPER is launching a series of workshops and the first event will explore writing. Bianka Geiger, gastronomy and design manager, designer and theorist, created a gastronomy section for the online magazine, using methodologies familiar from the design world. Her guest is Bori Ács, editor of Telex, who is well-known for her thorough, detailed, experimental and almost “ready to eat” articles.

The event will continue throughout the year with further independent episodes, which will be announced later this year by Piqniq.

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PODCAST: Gastronomy and experience. The place of branding in hospitality

The pandemic has transformed everything in our lives, including our food culture and priorities. According to brand builder Zsolt Unger, the world in which we can make clear statements about what makes a restaurant good is over. The quality has to be excellent because even branding can’t help a bad product, but beyond that, a business needs to think about what is really needed now and for future generations. Of course, a good story behind the brand doesn’t hurt either.

HOW-TO: Don’t run away from criticism! Ten tips to respond well to customer comments as a service provider

Opinion is free, always at hand and fewer and fewer people are afraid to use it. The one-sided online evaluation system has opened the Pandora’s box of the human soul, and one must respond well even to emotion-driven and sometimes groundless comments. But does the flatteringly polite apology and self-inquisition still work, or should we accept that the guest is not always right? Barabás Heinz Csaba gives ten valuable tips for handling guest reviews and answers the eternal question.

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