From the metaverse to homemade Chinese dumpling | Piqniq pack—Part 10

From the metaverse to homemade Chinese dumpling | Piqniq pack—Part 10

What does the Metaverse have in store for gastro-entrepreneurs and why should those behind the counter be familiar with concepts such as “crypto”, “machine learning” or “web 3.0”? What can an employer do for their employees if there is a risk of burnout? And is there life beyond the oil-soaked spring rolls and the eight treasure sauce when it comes to Chinese gastronomy? (We have the answer: yes, and not just any.) And if you’ve only just come to yourself and are very interested in gastrophotography, you still have a little time to learn from the best! Here’s the fresh Piqniq pack!

PATRON: Retention, motivation, fluctuation, burnout—Communication workshop for livable workplaces

Burnout is reflected in more and more areas of life, and gastro-enterprises are now more seriously affected than ever before. In the heightened world of catering, burnout is almost inevitable, but as a responsible employer, you can do something about it so that your employees don’t have to go through with it. How can it be achieved by simply communicating correctly so that the colleague who might be considering a career change stays? How to keep the team together and motivate colleagues? How does this contribute to the guest experience?

Csilla Csatlós, the returning speaker of Piqniq Budapest, would like to help nearly 30 caterers find the causes and opportunities to avoid burnout by exploring their own problems together through a half-day interactive workshop.

Csilla Csatlós used to work as an interim manager, but today she has been working as a coach for a long time. She specializes in burnout syndrome, helping many people find the right direction in one-day sessions. In addition, she operates a hotel and restaurant in Zala county and has extensive experience in catering. She also works for the community as Mayor of Bázakerettye.

April 29, 2022

Szeglet Community Space—1116 Budapest, Albertfalva Street 3/A

VIDEO: Guest experience as if you were at home—The Chinese monofood bistro

Mary Lopatto and Yicheng Ji realized their dream with a monofood bistro. With ZHU&CO, they form a bridge between the guest and gastronomy, where they introduce the Chinese taste and hospitality through an easily understandable food, the dumpling.

In Hungary, there are two extremes: the Chinese buffet and the large restaurants with a huge menu, where the guest gets lost among the foods and ingredients unknown to them. Masha and Ji created real family catering with their show kitchen, where they share the history of food with the audience.

PATRON: World of gastronomy 3.0—How to prepare your business for the metaverse phenomenon?

Virtual reality and the digital environment, that is the Metaverse, transform consumer habits and business sales opportunities. A significant part of the transactions will take place in the online marketplace in the future. New opportunities will emerge that all businesses will need to incorporate into their operations.

The ARe team, with Etentuk Udeme at the forefront, introduces you to the world of metaverse within a 2-3 hour workshop and equips you with a solid basic knowledge that allows you to gain insight into concepts and technologies such as VR, AR, NFT, machine learning, crypto or web 3.0. In addition, you can get a taste of the Hungarian user base, market characteristics, and many domestic and international examples to find solutions to difficult situations arising during digital transformation.

May 24, 2022


WORKSHOP: Create—how to do it differently than others? Workshop on gastrophotography and food styling with HYPEANDHYPER

Looks are not everything, however, we have known for a long time that we eat with our eyes first—whether it’s the cover of a recipe magazine, a commercial or tasting bites of a pop-up event, it is important that the visuality of the food is thoughtful and unique. That’s why in the second part of HYPEANDHYPER magazine’s workshop series, the focus will be on gastrophotography and food styling; under the guidance of Bianka Geiger, gastro and design manager, designer and theorist, this time László Sebestyén photographer (who has worked for Forbes, Magyar Konyha, HYPEANDHYPER) and Mariann Fodor food stylist (creator of countless cookbooks, commercials and events) will present the visual world of food.

What do you get from this opportunity?

– Find out the rules of how a photo of a dish or restaurant is constructed

– Learn about different photographic tools and techniques

– Gain an insight into the work of a food stylist

– Get ideas on how to get away from the usual visuals

– Try your own creativity

See you at the workshop of Piqniq Budapest and HYPEANDHYPER!

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