Green and sustainable | Vizafogó Ecopark wins Budapest Architecture Award

Green and sustainable | Vizafogó Ecopark wins Budapest Architecture Award

The Vizafogó Pavilion and Ecopark, a joint project of Archikon Architects and Objekt Landscape Architect Office, won the 2022 Budapest Architecture Award. With this, Budapest has recognized an inspiring, green, and sustainable landscape architecture and architectural solution that focus on a responsible design approach for the cities of the future.

As we reported last year, an eco-park of nearly one hectare was envisioned for a plot originally intended for development in the heart of Vizafogó. Vizafogó Park, in district XIII in Budapest, is a real success, with the municipality developing the former site into a park instead of selling it. Twice the potential sale price was invested in the area, creating a green recreational zone in every sense, using the finest tools of architecture and landscape architecture to raise awareness.

The gesture has paid off, as the Vizafogó area is not only one of the most popular residential areas in the city, but also one of the most valuable, according to real estate market indicators. The Vizafogó Kindergarten, also designed by Archikon and winner of international awards, and the Gyöngyszem Kindergarten, currently under renovation, are also located nearby. The latter will be the first smart kindergarten in Hungary to open after the architectural rethinking of the prefabricated kindergarten.

The architects, Archikon Architects, and Objekt Landscape Architect Office set out to create an urban recreational park that offers many ways to relax, unwind, play sports, play, and socialize outdoors, or just chill for half an hour in a pleasant, natural environment.

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