HIGHLIGHTS | Unreal reality

HIGHLIGHTS | Unreal reality

While in former times, the products wished to be sold used to be promoted by paperboys, signboards, tastefully composed shop windows and cleverly worded advertisements, today, banners covering giant facades and billboards triggering interaction are telling us: “this is what you need.” But that’s not enough. Owing to technological development and the resourcefulness of marketing experts, we can find ourselves in illusions we many times perceive as real: we fall for the magician’s trick and we believe the reality created by artificial images. It’s not the product we want, but the experience. The product offered for sale needs to be brought to life and personified, and the technology of CGI, that is Computer-Generated Imagery is a perfect choice to achieve that. It’s astonishing, spectacular, exciting, scary and deceptive at the same time: it creates a reality by copying the elements of reality (and many times even exceeds it), using nothing but digital means.

Now we showcase the computer-generated imagery we like the most in the form of a thematic selection, from Poland to Canada. Switch to full screen mode to maximize the experience. Let’s see!


Beautyrest | Sleep First Class | Toronto, Canada


PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer


EDIBLES | Prague, Czech Republic
Miki Nemcek


Microbes fighting. 3D animation. | Warsaw, Poland
Paweł Grzelak


Nike ~ Flyknit | London, United Kingdom

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