Hummusbar opens new restaurant with a fresh design

Hummusbar opens new restaurant with a fresh design

Hungarian restaurant chain hummusbar commissioned Budapest-based creative agency Socially to revamp their entire visual identity. Due to the pandemic, the main goal of the collaboration was the conceptual establishment of the brand’s online presence, but in addition to renewing hummusbar’s packaging, they have already implemented a new unit. In the future, an additional ten restaurants are expected to be redesigned.

The situation of the hospitality sector has been uncertain for almost a year now: restaurants face continuous challenges and must tackle significant changes in the market each day. However, in addition to all the threats and challenges, the current situation also offers opportunities. On the one hand, several restaurants have geared up: those who can afford it are now focusing on improving internal processes, increasing their assortment and enhancing the guest experience.

This is what hummusbar, Hungary’s first restaurant chain specialized in hummus does, among others: in addition to opening new units and developing their product selection, the brand is also working on a comprehensive revamp with the help of the Socially food marketing agency.

Besides being in charge of the brand’s entire communication, art director Eszter Csontos and interior designer Luca Varga co-designed the latest hummusbar opened in Budapest’s Allee Shopping Center, which will also serve as an example for redesigning the rest of the units.

Based on our previous collaboration and our former projects, hummusbar gave us a huge vote of confidence. We are particularly happy that in addition to marketing tasks, our assignment also includes redesigning the restaurants’ interior and visual identity, because this is exactly what we believe in: this is how a brand experience can become a whole,” commented Sári Varga, Socially’s founder.

Thus, the traditional hummusbar design will go through a lot of changes in the upcoming months. The primary goal of the revamp was to combine the freshness and tradition characterizing the meals served by the restaurant with modern and contemporary elements in the interior, too.

“When I think of the selection of hummusbar, the first thing that pops into my mind is freshness. Fresh ingredients, vibrant spices. We envisioned a new visual identity that matches this feeling. The former interior spaces were tuned to warm colors, their basic colors were very close to each other, and so we introduced a new hue that balances it all out. The new texture introduced by the perforated panel enhances the contemporary vibe, which not only works well in the interior, but we also like to use it in the case of visual materials and photo shoots. While the new typography appearing in the interior is not only a simple decorative element, but a part of the new, uniform brand identity scheme we developed,” said Eszter Csontos, Socially’s art director.

Strategy: Sári Varga
Design concept, graphic design: Eszter Csontos
3D render: Luca Varga
Photo: Zsófi Bodnár + Nóri Puskás
Project manager: Lilla Zboznovits
Copywriter: Levente Márton

hummusbar | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Socially | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Source: press release

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