45 Christmas songs from the East to get you in the holiday spirit

45 Christmas songs from the East to get you in the holiday spirit

Once we have listened to „All I Want for Christmas” and „My Only Wish” to the thousandth time, it’s time we shift our attention to the holiday tunes of the neighboring countries. Even though it started out as a recommendation consisting of a few tracks, finally we made a 2.5-hour-long Spotify playlist featuring the best Christmas tunes from top hits from ‘70s Russia, today’s Ukrainian and Czech melodies as well as Hungarian classics. Now we brought you the music videos or live performances of some of our favorites. Merry Christmas!

The old year is over (Старий рік минає)

DZIDZIO, Ukraine

Founded in the region of Lviv, Ukraine, the band Dzidzio consists of Dzidzio himself and his bandmates Lesyk and Julik. The video was shot for a famous Ukrainian song („Старий рік минає”): in its plot, the members of the band join the ambulance service to save the people who have fallen victim to holiday overeating and overdrinking, and finally are called to a special “patient”…

The most beautiful Christmas (Najkrajšie Vianoce)

I.M.T. SMILE, Slovakia

I.M.T Smile is a Slovak music ensemble founded by two brothers, Ivan and Miro Táslerovci in 1992. Their track “The most beautiful Christmas” is not a cover, but their own composition which has become an iconic song. There’s no Christmas without it in Slovakia!

We celebrate Christmas (Božić slavimo)

Božićni band AID, Croatia

The band consists of popular Croatian musicians and were formed to perform a patriotic song in 1991. The Christmas song is a true classic in the Republic of Croatia, while the music video is a real gem from the era of box televisions.

There’s no Christmas without pine (Fenyő nélkül nincs karácsony)

Miklós Fenyő, Hungary

Miklós Fenyő (fenyő means pine in Hungarian – the translator’s note) gave this evergreen rock and roll song to the Hungarian people in the early 2000s. It can get us in a Christmas mood on any day of the year, and especially now.

Angels gone mad (Oszaleli Anieli)

Katarzyna Skrzynecka, Poland

The music video was made in 1999 for the Polish singer and actress’s song „Oszaleli Anieli”. It has everything a Christmas video might need: stars, snowflakes and a wooden plank bridging over the town on which we can dance until we feel like it in the snowfall.

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