City within a city—exceptional housing estates in the region | TOP 5

City within a city—exceptional housing estates in the region | TOP 5

Perhaps it is no exaggeration to say that there are two kinds of people in the city: who are truly enchanted by the atmosphere of the hundred-year-old condominiums, and who are more than impressed by the milieu of the residential parks. In our selection, we now present modern, characteristic building complexes that make everyday life more liveable for residents in an outstanding way.

Nová Terasa | Košice, Slovakia

The neighborhood, designed by Vallo Sadovsky Architects, is based on simple shapes and bright colors, yet the individual houses are different, real personalities. The special features are most evident on the ground floors and the last floors, where you can find unusual apartments, large terraces and wonderful views.

Photos: Tomas Manina

Riverview Complex | Gdańsk, Poland

The Riverview Complex created by the APA Wojciechowski Architects includes seven buildings—connected by an inner courtyard. What is special is that, despite its openness, it forms a compact façade, while fitting perfectly into the atmosphere of the area.

Photos: Aleksander Małachowski, Radek Gałczyński, Rafał Kłos

KAP—Kapellenhof residential park | Vienna, Austria

The KAP is surrounded by a spacious urban grove, conceptually and aesthetically modeled on the traditional Gemeindebau residential buildings in Vienna. Based on the plans of AllesWirdGut Architektur and feld72, a simple and confident complex could be created.

Photos: tschinkersten fotografie, 2020

Cvetkova Apartments | Murska Sobota, Slovenia

Andrej Kalamar designed the buildings for Cvetkova in a rethought downtown area that had previously been an abandoned industrial area. One of the great advantages of the residential park, which stands out from the green surface, is that it is far from the noise of the main roads despite its central location.

Photos: Miran Kambič

Messequartier Graz | Graz, Austria

The Messequartier responds to the congestion of the city center by offering multi-generational housing, office space, a kindergarten and gastronomic services. In addition, the condominium dreamed up by Markus Pernthaler has a grandiose roof garden, a swimming pool and a sauna.

Photos: Paul Ott

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