Contemporary, completely Eastern European, crafted: our favorite jewelry | TOP 5

Contemporary, completely Eastern European, crafted: our favorite jewelry | TOP 5

The alliance of the jewelry and its owner usually lasts for many years, while endowing them with so many memories and feelings. For the next big commitment, we offer contemporary, Eastern European, handcrafted pieces. To do this, we selected our five favorite regional brands. It wasn’t easy, luckily there are plenty of them!

Maar | Poland

The brand name maar refers to tarns, that is mountain lakes. This natural miracle is a constant source of inspiration for jewelry shapes, water-themed campaign images and turquoise inlays.

Fruzsi Fekete Jewelry | Hungary

Each of Fruzsi Fekete’s lightly feminine jewelry bears the artist’s character. The unrepeatability of the pieces is due to the lost-wax process: the designer forms the final shape from beeswax by hand, which preserves fingerprints during casting.

JULS | Romania

The works of Teodora Rus balance between wearable pieces and works of art. They are basically characterized by a refined, geometric aesthetic, but there is always a twist in them that makes the overall effect extravagant.

Lake Studio | Ukraine

The Ukrainian Lake Studio initially started out as a fashion brand, but in recent seasons they have also come up with separately crafted jewelry collections in addition to their clothes. Their latest pieces, called SEEDS, are real specialties: real flower buds are cast in porcelain.

Metamorfi | Slovakia

Each piece of Metaformi jewelry is made of noble materials. Simple but great timeless pieces that fit any occasion.

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