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Jewelry collection of flower buds cast in porcelain

The Ukrainian Lake Studio initially started out as a fashion brand, but in recent seasons they have also come up with separately crafted jewelry collections in addition to their clothes. The latest pieces, called SEEDS, are real specialties: real flower buds are cast in porcelain, so no two pieces are alike!

The creative duo of Lake Studio, Anastasia Ryabokon and Olesya Kononova say the aesthetics of the brand rest on three essential pillars: femininity, love of nature and love of art.

The message of the SEEDS collection is the idea of caring for ourselves. Designers believe that the emotions and events we experience will germinate as seeds in us and shape our personalities if we leave them room for development. The collection was created in collaboration with Xenia Busalova, a contemporary artist living in London who specializes in handcrafted porcelain techniques. The jewelry is based on real juniper and foxglove buds, which are coated with hot porcelain after drying. This process burns the buds themselves, so the flowers appear as a negative space in the jewelry, resulting in hollow, light objects. These were then covered with gilded brush strokes and made into necklaces, earrings, hairpins and brooches.

Other items in the collection include artificial beads also made of porcelain and handmade artichokes. The artichoke is an iconic symbol for the brand, a symbol of love and fruitful relationships due to the shape of the heart. The photo of porcelain artichoke jewelry also became the basis of the patterns adorning one of the dresses.

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