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Jewelry inspired by the special forms of nature

Feminine and decorative jewelry that still has that something more to catch your eye right away: Maar jewelry is a perfect choice for those who love classic pieces, but miss the twist that makes them stand out from ordinary jewelry.

The founders of the brand both graduated in creative majors, and while their professional interests are diverse, they prove to be a perfect pair at Maar. The brand name refers to the names of the founders and the Maar Lakes, which are found in volcanic craters. This natural wonder is a constant source of inspiration for the brand in designing shapes. 

The stones adorning the accessories come from all over the world, and the Maar jewelry is born in Poland. The trinkets are made of silver and gold-plated silver using a wax-melting, precision casting process and 3D technology, and gold is available on request.

A little color is added to the jewelry from time to time—a characteristic and bright orange, or even a soothing blue evoking the color of the water, also appears on the palette.

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