Flavor tour in the top delicatessens of Eastern Europe  | TOP 5

Flavor tour in the top delicatessens of Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Appetizing wines and more and more delicious snacks: essential ingredients for a pleasant summer evening. Whether it’s a gathering with friends, a date or even a light dinner, it’s better not to miss out on the ones listed. Probably the way not only to a man’s heart is through his stomach, as who would not be seduced by the sight of a delicate piece? In today’s selection, we invite our readers for a gastronomic tour. Stay with us and get to know the special delicatessens in Eastern Europe!

Uje Oil Bar | Split

The soul of our kitchen is made up of essential ingredients such as olive oil. We start our selection with a very special place, the Uje oil bar and delicatessen in the former Jewish quarter of Split. The shop is an unavoidable point in Croatia for gastronomy lovers. In addition to exciting dishes, you can choose from an unparalleled variety of olive oils when you come here.

Essence Delicates | Budapest

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city center, we can not only take home specialties from the Essence Delicates store, but we can also taste them on site. In addition to the upscale wines, champagnes and proseccos, their excellent meat and cheese products embody everything that can be tasty to everyone. The name of the creator and leader of the delicatessen may sound familiar, as the Sarki Fűszeres in Újlipótváros once operated under the leadership of Tamás Czinege.

Fleischerei Kröppel | Vienna

Under the brightly lit neon sign of 1 Postgasse in Vienna, a real taste-orgy experience awaits meat lovers. True to a real butcher shop, the Fleischerei Kröppel offers not only meat of unparalleled quality, but also all the meat dishes of Austrian cuisine. The business is now run by the fourth generation of the Kröppel family, so it is no wonder that their target audience is mainly returning customers and locals.

Photos: Fleischerei Kröppel Facebook

KORPA Deli Market & Bistro | Novi Sad

We don’t have to be without culinary delights when we go to Serbia: there are no special goods that we would not find in the KORPA Deli Market & Bistro. Whatever our wishes, understanding ears listen to them and helping hands fulfill them with the utmost expertise.

Mięsny Deli & Bistro | Warsaw

A meeting of a butcher shop and a bistro was born in 2018 at the Mięsny delicatessen and bistro in Warsaw, run by Piotr Szczęsny and Paweł Suwała. In addition to special products such as Angus beef from Siedlce, Złotnicka Pstra pork fattened on acorns and Lublin lamb, we can also find home-made terrines, pâtés and a varied two-course daily menu.

Uje Oil Bar | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Essence Delicates | Facebook | Instagram
Fleischerei Kröppel | Web | Facebook
KORPA Deli Market & Bistro | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Mięsny Deli & Bistro | Facebook | Instagram

Source: Warsawfoodie

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