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A lookout that pays tribute to bobsleigh racers

Designed by Mjölk architekti’s team, the slightly futuristic lookout was inspired by the surrounding landscape and its history. It stands on a rocky peak of the Malý Špičák mountain range near the Czech village of Tanvald.

Named Lookout Spike, the observation point is part of a series of five lookouts designed by Mjölk architekti over the past ten years. This structure marks the end of the studio’s decade-long exploration of building in nature, one of its key areas of interest. The concept for each lookout is derived from the different characters and context of the site, giving rise to a series of architectural forms based on a careful analysis of their surroundings. Lookout Spike is no exception.

The lookout stands on the rocky summit of the Czech Malý Špičák mountain range, a site of special significance. It was once the starting point of the Tanvald bobsleigh run, and remains of the route can still be seen on the slopes of Malý Špičák. In a way, the lookout is a tribute to the sporting history of the area and to the tight jumpsuit athletes who fearlessly rode their bobsleighs around the steep bends to shed every second of their time.

The architects of Mjölk architekti have finally created a small but characteristic structure that softly touches the rock. The lookout stands on three slender steel legs, and a ladder provides access to its shiny, bobsleigh-like top. The curved, elongated surface reflects and distorts the surrounding landscape, always offering a different and special experience for visitors.

Photos: Boysplaynice

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