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A Russian-Israeli-Bulgarian graphic artist in Budapest

Sandra Poliakov’s graphics radiate a deep sense of authentic happiness that transcends cultures and borders. Her artwork, among other things, has a noticeable Mediterranean and Eastern European attachment.

The Russian-Israeli-Bulgarian artist was born in Israel, went to school in Moscow, attended university in Barcelona and moved to Budapest five years ago to live with her Hungarian partner. “I fell in love with Budapest. It gives me a fabulous feeling, especially in autumn and spring. I love the relaxed lifestyle I can live here. I think Budapest is in all of my work. My baby and I go for a walk at least once a day, and I take a photo of a composition, a plant or a color combination to use as a reference for my work,” she told us. On her popular Instagram page, she collects these Budapest scenes and urban crumbs of inspiration in a special Highlight: wrought iron gates, keyholes, colorful plaster details and a fun mix of street style sets from Budapest grandmothers.

Her multicultural background constantly pushes Sandra to explore new worlds. “For my horoscope series, for example, I drew inspiration from ancient Persian and Indian paintings, as well as modern art. I am fascinated by the centralized compositions of ancient drawings and the way they work with patterns,” she explains. She often visualizes moods and emotions; her images are like calm Sundays tasting like sunshine. In many of the compositions, still lives, kitchen scenes and female figures enjoying the company of themselves return. Almost coming to life as they gently sip their cup of coffee, take a slow bite of a juicy summer fruit or immerse into a book, while soft music plays in the background. Sandra’s artistic credo is to show people how to enjoy life’s little pleasures and see the beauty in everyday life.

“I am currently working on a print collection inspired by this summer.  In one of the places where we stayed with my family during the holidays, I found an inspiring book about trees and how they are represented in Greek culture. After reading it, I started drawing surreal trees, experimenting with symmetry and shades of blue. Blue is my favorite color nowadays, I notice it everywhere, so the whole summer is blue for me,” Sandra said.

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