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An interior inspired by Ukranian clay huts | Makhno Studio

Dubbed Mazanka, this apartment in a Kyiv skyscraper is an organic blend of traditional and contemporary Ukrainian object culture. Mazanka means a village house built of wood, clay and reeds: this traditional Ukrainian building type was reinterpreted by the popular design and architecture studio.

Makhno Studio was founded in Kyiv in 2003, and since then, they have finished more than six hundred projects in various parts of the world. Their mission is to solidify a modern Ukrainian style that can stand out even on the international stage.

“In our works, we try to rethink ancient Ukrainian traditions, cultural phenomena, and forces of nature to give a new definition to the contemporary Ukrainian home. Today, this mission is especially important—it seeks to help Ukrainians find their belonging, return to their roots and values that are sewn into their DNA. This is what we work for every day,” the studio tells about itself on its social media platforms.

The owner of the apartment, Anastasia wanted an eco-home with a worthy place for her favorite home activities: yoga, dancing and cooking. These activities require wide spaces and a harmonious atmosphere. The designers opened the kitchen, living room and balcony together for a spacious effect, but they thematically separated them with different textures and materials. The cozy atmosphere of the interior is defined by natural materials, untreated surfaces and handicraft technologies.

The most unorthodox element of the apartment is the cave-like living room corner, which is a modern paraphrase of traditional clay huts. The walls were covered with a special clay solution to achieve the desired texture, which took on its unique, cracked pattern while drying. According to Anastasia, it feels like being in the middle of untouched, wild nature. These distinct clay walls also appear in the bedroom as well as the bathroom.

The heart of the apartment is its centrally located kitchen. The ribbing of the cabinets and the playful design of the lamps make the area dynamic, which is balanced by the kitchen island with a granite sheet. The lamps here, along with most of the luminaires in the apartment, were designed by the Makhno Studio, using special craft methods.

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Source: Archdaily

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