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China rolls out the world’s fastest maglev train

China has unveiled its new maglev train transport system in Qingdao, Shandong province: the train is designed with a top speed of 600 kilometers per hour, making it the fastest ground vehicle ever built. Developed by the China railway rolling stock corporation CCRC, the scientific and technological achievement in the field of rail transit places China at the forefront of ultra-fast ground transportation.

Magnetic levitation is a train transport system that uses magnetic forces to help the train reach high speeds. It uses two sets of magnets: one to repel the train and push it up the track and the other to propel the train forward. By taking advantage of the lack of friction, the system allows the train to reach speeds of up to 600 kilometers per hour while maintaining a smooth acceleration. Previously, the maximum operating speed of trains on the Beijing-Shanghai line was 350 kilometers per hour.

Source: Designboom

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