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Colors in everyday life: autumn cultural programs | TOP 5

For many, autumn has marked the end of a refreshing summer, where monotony and greyness slip into people’s everyday lives without a word—but that’s not at all like this, as this languid yet shining period holds countless surprises. In our selection today, we show the heart-warming shades of autumn—an Eastern European cultural overview and program recommendation follow.

Parisian Abstracts | MODEM, Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre, Debrecen | October 3, 2021—January 30, 2022

MODEM in Debrecen is an important arena for regional arts: the world-class exhibition center, equipped with modern techniques, is the second-largest exhibition place in Hungary. It is no coincidence that the internationally unique Parisian Abstracts exhibition is also located here. The exhibition focuses on the largest non-figurative group, Abstraction-Création, which also features works by world-famous Hungarians such as László Moholy-Nagy, Alfred Reth, Étienne Beöthy, Lajos Tihanyi or Ferenc Martyn.

No pills, Just pillow | Novembar Gallery, Belgrade | September 2, 2021—October 17, 2021

Until mid-October, Milena Milosavljević’s solo exhibition, No Pills, Just Pillows, which explores the relationship between material reality and spirituality using various techniques and media, can be visited. Milena focuses on the uniqueness and weaknesses of emotions while displaying the symbols we use each day through our communication channels and social media.

From home to home | Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest | October 14, 2021—November 5, 2021

How do you go home from home? And what does one who commutes between these two points take with themselves? ..”, such and similar questions are formulated in the exhibition of the Faur Zsófi Gallery opening in October. The works in the From home to home exhibition are sensitive to the issues of home and multi-dwelling existence, while the works of art on display are reflected by contemporary writers. The opening of the exhibition will begin on October 14 at 7 pm, and more information can be found in the gallery’s Facebook event.

János Vámos: I’m in my own way, 100 x 120 cm, mixed media, canvas, 2021

Among us people | Leica Gallery, Prague | September 16, 2021—November 21, 2021

The retrospective pictures by the Czech photographer Miloň Novotný are perfect examples of the little beauties of everyday life—the Leica Gallery commemorates the 90th anniversary of the photographer’s birth in an exhibition. The Czech humanist photographer was the “photographer’s poet” of everyday life, as he saw deep human content in even the banalest situations, so it is no exaggeration to refer to him as one of the most iconic figures in his genre.

Schrödringer’s Jaguar and Tipping Point | Várfok Gallery, Budapest | September 17, 2021—November 6, 2021

This autumn, we can admire two extraordinary exhibitions within the walls of the Várfok Gallery: the exhibitions of Máté Orr and Kata Gaál color the repertoire of program possibilities in a sincere and mystical way. With her special collage technique, Kata Gaál incorporates a wide variety of materials into her works, while formulating important social critiques. Máté Orr’s grotesque yet harmonious works evoke both Hieronymus Bosch and French Surrealism. Perfect choice for an autumn afternoon!

Kata Gaál: Unstable, 302 x 335, wood, textile, leather, aluminum, collar, 2017

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