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Cooling delicacies from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Unfortunately, during the summer heat, we do not always have the opportunity to relax on the waterfront, so we have to cope with the almost suffocating heat within the walls of our home. In addition to having an ice shower and turning on the fan or even the air-conditioning, you can combine useful solutions with a little pleasure and get more boxes of the best ice creams in the region! In today’s selection, we took a look at some of the Eastern European ice cream brands that are guaranteed to cool you down even on the most sweaty days!

Betty Ice | Romania  

If you are a fan of classic flavors and heavenly crunchy cones, it is worth trying the ice creams of the Romanian Betty Ice! For those who want an unforgettable pair of chocolate and vanilla, you don’t even need to move from the infinitely comfortable embrace of the sofa, as anyone can order the cooling sweets in a minute on the brand’s website!

Photos: facebook.com/BettyIce.ro

Zmrzlina Míša | Czech Republic

The Czech Zmrzlina Míša, celebrating its sixtieth birthday this year, would like to recall the special taste of a happy and carefree childhood, which is well known by everyone from children to adults. Due to its child-friendly advertising campaigns and sophisticated packaging, the brand sells only ice creams that meet the nutritional standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO) in all respects.

Anjuna | Hungary

The delicacies of the Anjuna popsicles, made of real fruit and the best quality natural ingredients, are iced dessert specialties that you do not have to feel guilty after consuming! Among the vegan and sugar-free versions, everyone can find the most suitable variation for their diet, but the brand even thought of our beloved pets: with the ice cream with peanut butter and dog snacks, we can also delight our four-legged friends!

Grycan | Poland

In the Polish Grycan factory, which uses only traditional family recipes, ice creams are made with enormous passion and even more attention. Starting from a small ice cream shop in Warsaw, the company opened its shops all over the country and later became a serious brand, where ice cream and various frozen cakes are also produced!

Ledo | Croatia

There is almost no person who has not encountered Ledo ice creams on a beach in Croatia, as the brand sells the most frozen food in the countries of the region. The brand offers a wide range of products based on innovative ideas and continuous development, from colored ice creams to classic chocolate-covered popsicles.

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