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HIGHLIGHTS | Designers in the background of the fashion world

Willingly or unwillingly, we all follow different fashion trends. In many cases, simply because our environment does it too. But while the world focuses on clothing fashion, we often forget that every fashion wave is generated by many other creative industries.

Our Sunday selection explores themes that directly shape our environment, both visually and intellectually. So this week, we’ve chosen designers who move in the shadows of the fashion world. As one of the world’s most significant mind-shaping forces, the fashion industry provides work for many artistic professions. These include photography, graphic design and film, among others.

The symbiosis of all these constitutes the concept that we call fashion. If we think of a bag or a dress pattern designed by a graphic designer or the photographers who take the catwalk and studio shots of the biggest fashion brands, we should know that their approach and visual sensitivity can easily give a new color or shape to the designed garment product. Now let’s look at some examples that show how a simple knitted scarf or nappy can take on a new meaning!

Hug Branding | New York, USA
Adam Lowe

Ucon Acrobatics Motif 2.0 | Ghent, Belgium
Mario De Meyer

Lookbook for embroidered shirts “Vilni ludi” | Kyiv, Ukraine
Olga Voychik

Kudos | Charleston, USA
Stitch Design Co.

Soffitto | Tokyo, Japan
Asuka Watanabe

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