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The new gastro map of Pozsonyi Road in Budapest

Pozsonyi Road has always been a special place in Budapest. This lovely map was born out of this fascination, showing the Újlipótváros area with a gourmand’s eye. Twelve carefully selected gastro spots, from new wave cafés to the best breakfast restaurants, have been included on the Pozsonyi Street gastro map, with the recommendation of Sarki Fűszeres. 

Sarki Fűszeres aims to foster the collaboration of quality restaurants, cafés and bakeries that have long been present on Pozsonyi Street. To launch a platform where catering units can share their experiences or help each other in their work: the Pozsonyi Street gastronomy map was born as the first step of this initiative. The map not only shows where to eat but also provides a lot of helpful information, such as where to go for lactose-free, gluten-free, or vegan meals and which places you can visit with your pets. Different icons indicate the specificities of the gastro places, and for each venue, they also show how many blocks you are from the Sarki Fűszeres.

Beyond recommending “tasty” places, the map also aims to give an insight into the history of Pozsonyi Road: an exciting fold-out layer reveals the past two hundred years of Pozsonyi Road, highlighting the key moments in the development of the modern urban area.

Fruzsi Molnár, a freelance creative, came up with the concept, while the graphics praise the work of graphic designer Boróka Felső. You can buy the map at Sarki Fűszeres on its own or hidden in a gastro-pack filled with artisanal goods.

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