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Crayons reveal the color spectrum of Japanese trees

Playfool design studio has created a sustainable crayon set made entirely from Japanese wood, celebrating the unseen colors of the forest trees.

The pieces of the Forest Crayons set are triangular and made entirely of wood salvaged from Japanese lumberyards. The crayons, made from cedar, cypress, walnut and oak, come in various shades and are designed to bring out the natural colors found in wood. The crayon prototypes were created by finely sanding raw timber and combining it with natural wax from Hazenoki wood in Japan. They then poured the mixture into a crayon-shaped silicone form. Playfool sourced the wood from a timber mill in the Hida Mountains of Japan. “We were fascinated by how reworking the material into a formless substance allowed us to appreciate it not for its shape or strength but purely for its color,”—the studio said.

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Source: Dezeen

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