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Haita Land offers comfort in a romantic setting

The Bukovina region is not only famous for its natural treasures: the mountains and the surroundings of the wild pine forest hide numerous cultural heritage and treasures. One of these is the Haita Land, an unusually authentic village that represents both traditional and contemporary values.

The story of Haita Land begins like a fairy tale: once a group of engineers, architects, doctors, managers, lawyers and IT specialists came across the Clements Mountain and decided not to leave until they were sure they could return later. Thus began the creation of the Haita Land complex, in which there are three completely different, but still similar in some features, mountain hiding places. The design of the houses fits in perfectly with the valley, so those wishing to relax can be quiet observers of the evolution of wildlife and local traditions. Haita Land provides not only a refuge but also a community for mountain lovers.

The first resting place was built in 2019: this is the Pridvor (veranda). The creators of the project envisioned a building that would stand out from the mountain, theatrically detached from everything, yet picking up the rhythm of the slope. The window fills the entire wall, so in addition to enlarging and opening the space, you can easily connect with nature at any time of day, even in rainy weather.

With an emphasis on natural raw materials and minimalism, the Sihastru (hermit) guest house was also completed in 2019, which, true to its name, is also suitable for retreat and silence. It took on a monolithic form, adapting to its harsh environment. Placing the minimalist cottage on a wooden pedestal creates a floating feeling, topped by a huge window, so this house also interacts with the surrounding meadow and pine forest.

Of the three facilities, perhaps the Cuib (nest) is the most exceptional: the beams and base of an old house provide the starting point for a building that mixes traditional and modern solutions. The Cuib is mostly made of wood, offering an environment isolated from all the noise and whims of the mountain weather. In addition to harmonious simplicity, the house also provides separate small hiding places: the blue, box-like rooms can be perfect places to read, sleep or admire nature.

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